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IS TO RAISE $1,000,000

Around the world, the circle represents the unending cycle of life. For SisterWeb, it is also a symbol of family and closeness. A circle has no beginning or end. All who stand in it are equal and necessary to its strength. SisterWeb's Circle of Strength Fund is an invitation to our community, asking you to be a part of our CIRCLE of Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander birthing families and doulas. Together, our STRENGTH will ensure ALL families in San Francisco have healthy pregnancies and births and can welcome their children with joy and pride.

SisterWeb is the only nonprofit in San Francisco to offer Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander birthing families a community model of doula care: culturally congruent physical and emotional non-medical support and health advocacy prenatally, during birth, and postpartum.

By contributing to our Circle of Strength Fund, you will help SisterWeb:

  • Build a workforce of Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander birthing professionals to provide doula services.

  • Pair more than 100 birthing families with a culturally aligned team of doulas.

  • Ensure that SisterWeb's doulas can work full-time and receive benefits during and beyond the economic impact of the pandemic.

  • Increase agency infrastructure by adding critical HR and program positions.

  • Hire a Human Resources professional to support with staff retention and building sustainable infrastructure.

  • Provide essential PPE for mothers, pregnant people, families, and doulas

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